Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lion Bellworks

Recently I came across some vintage bicycle bells from Lion Bellworks in England. These retro bells are just beautiful!!

They are made from high quality materials that will last for years. There are two versions, one version has an unlacquered brass finish and the other has a polished chrome finish. Each bell comes in a very nice calico bag.

I have pictured the unlacquered brass version above. The bells are 55mm in diameter and the striker mechanism is made of chrome and stainless steel.

There are two options for fitting these beautiful bells to your bicycle. One fitting is a standard handlebar mount and the other is for a standard one inch (quill type) headset. Both fittings are beautifully made from stainless steel.

The real feature of this bell, apart from its good looks and beautiful sound, is that it is made in "England". It has the words "Lion England" stamped into the top of the bell as pictured. As a bell ages and a natural patina develops this feature will look fantastic.

"Lion England" logo.

This  is also fantastic for restorers of vintage English bicycles as it adds to the British feel of the bike. I have noticed that other similar styled brass bells that adorn vintage bikes are Japanese made...and are not quite the real deal!

Standard handlebar fitting.

Fitting for standard one inch headset.

These bells have a superior tone to any other bell I've had. It's a crisp tone that can be heard for miles....pedestrians will be in no doubt that you're on the way! Please have a listen....

The bells are available at  Please have a look at their site where you can purchase the bells for a great price online. Feel free to contact John from Lion Bellworks regarding any inquiries at

I have mounted a Lion Bell to my Pashley Guv'nor. The Lion Bell is bigger and sounds far better than the bell that originally came on the bike. It would not surprise me if Pashley started fitting English crafted Lion Bells to their bicycles as standard in the near future. 

Until next riding.


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