Friday, December 26, 2014

1970's Legnano Olimpiade

The Legnano bicycle company was founded by Vittorio Rossi in 1902 who began producing bikes in 1906.

After WWI, the company was bought by Emilio Bozzi, who also owned the Frejus and Wolsit brands. In the late 1970's or early 1980's the brand was sold and licensed to Bianchi. This included sponsorship of a professional team lead by Maurizio Fondriest. 

A classic brass Legnano head badge.

The logo of the Legnano brand is based on the warrior "Alberto da Giussano". Alberto da Giussano was a legendary Italian Guelph warrior during the wars of the Lombard League against Frederick Barbarossa in the 12th century.

A tradition, probably created by the 14th century Milanese chroniclers, attributes to him the deed of forming the "Company of Death" that defended the Carroccio of the League at the Battle of Legnano. The first historical citation of his name was recorded in 1196. You can see the statue of Alberto da Giussano in the Piazza del Monumento.

Here is a pristine example of one of the Legnano brands classic 1970's road bikes...the Legnano Olimpiade. This particular example has been built with a 1970's Campagnolo Super Record groupset - the most advanced Italian built groupset of the period!

This is an impressive bike from early 1970's that would be an ideal choice for a l'eroica ride....and of further interest are the specs listed below... 

  • Handlebar: 3ttt, Superleggero, 405 mm, rare, NOS
  • Tyres: Continental Giro, tubular tires, 22 mm, new!
  • Stem:  3ttt, 105 mm, NOS
  • Saddle: San Marco,GI-Lux 312, NOS
  • Seat post: Campagnolo Super Record, NOS
  • Cranks: Campagnolo Super Record, 170 mm, 53 and 42 teeth, the only used part on this bike, but in really good condition!
  • Hubs: Campagnolo Record
  • Bottom bracket: Campagnolo Super Record, NOS
  • Shifting levers: Campagnolo, NOS
  • Head set: Campagnolo Super Record, NOS
  • Rims: Fiamme Ergal, polished, NOS
  • Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record, NOS
  • Brake levers: Campagnolo Super Record, NOS (the left hood is a little cracked)
  • Front dereilleur: Campagnolo, NOS
  • Rear dereilleur: Campagnolo Nuovo Record, Pat. 76, NOS
  • Bar tape: Textil Tape, black, new!
  • Chain: Regina, NOS
  • Cog Sprocket: Regina Oro, 6 gear, NOS
  • Quick release: Campagnolo, straight levers, NOS
  • Tube set: Reynolds 531, the fork also
  • Weight: 8,97 kg !! (without pedals)
  • Seat bolt: Campagnolo, NOS
  • Bar ends: Legnano, aluminium, NOS, rare to find!
(For those non-eBayers - NOS - New Old Stock)

Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

Until next time...ride safe. Happy New Year!!!

James @ PVC 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spurcycle bell

An effective bell is a must have for any urban cyclist. It is very uncomfortable when approaching a pedestrian from behind not knowing how they will react when you pass. At least a good bell will give you half a chance of passing without incident.

Here is a finely crafted and great sounding bell that is equally at home on a modern bike as it is on your favourite vintage ride. It's an all metal bell made from high quality stainless steel. The ringer is made of brass, which is a really nice touch.

It's not the cheapest bell on the market......but it will certainly last a lifetime. The plain steel version is US$39 and the matt black version is US$49. Shipping will vary depending upon the buyers location.

It is very cleverly engineered  and comes with two stainless steel straps, either of which will comfortably fit the diameter of almost any handlebar.

There are two colour need to get too complicated with colour choice, it's a bell!! There is a plain (raw) stainless version and a matt black version for dark coloured handlebars. I opted for the raw version. The bell sounds great, and being manufactured in the US makes it a high quality long lasting product.

The Spurcycle bell looks great on my Ciocc San Cristobal. You can purchase one at 

Ride safe,

James @ PVC.