Thursday, March 30, 2017

1976 Colnago Super

Here's another Colnago Super for your enjoyment.... a 1976 model. Very neat and all original.

The Ernesto Colnago pantographed chainring is a real feature. A truly classic Italian steel bicycle that is beautifully maintained considering its age of 41 years.

Thanks to Anton Bicycle for the images.

Safe rides,

James @ PVC

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Quill stem with 31.8mm clamp

The 31.8mm quill stem is an evolution in traditional quill stem design – simple yet clever. Cyclists have always wanted a classic looking quilled stem that could accommodate 31.8mm handlebars without having to use those ugly adapters. This is a very traditional looking stem that will compliment any vintage bike that needs a 1″ threaded headset.

Factory 5 Titan stem - 31.8mm clamp area

It’s incredibly light at 270g and will finally allow you to choose from the wide world of handlebar possibilities that have a clamp diameter of 31.8mm. The stem is made from 7075 aluminium and has a removable faceplate that is held in place with two stainless steel screws. 

The removable faceplate is a bonus as it enables you to remove the handlebars without disassembling your entire handlebar setup. It also allows you to fit the bars with ease as sometimes a traditional quilled stem is difficult to slide around the handlebar curves enroute to the clamping area.

The overall height of the stem is 150mm which allows for a height of 100mm above the minimum insertion line. This is a really good extension height considering that older cyclists prefer a more upright seating position and may require a higher set handlebar - this stem easily allows for extra height.

The stem is available in either a high silver polish or a deep black anodized finish. It is available in two extension lengths depending on the brand you by – extension lengths are 80 or 90mm only.

Factory 5 stem with Ritchey Classic 31.8mm handlebars

The stem is similar in styling to the Shimano 600 AX stem of old but as mentioned before it now provides you with a huge range of modern drop handlebar options with a 31.8 clamp area, especially modern road handlebars with short drops which are very comfortable and practical.

As with all cycling gear the price range varies dramatically across differing brands as below: 

       JRI Rigg stem          US$139.00           silver/black        90mm extension only

          Factory 5 Titan stem         US$ 99.00         silver/black     90mm extension only

            Senqi stem             US$ 30.00          silver only            90mm extension only

         J & L vintage classic   US$ 38.00          silver only         80mm extension only

I’ve just bought one for a 1990’s Colnago Super build and will post some pics when it’s done.

A quilled stem well worth considering that will increase your choice in modern handlebar options.

Safe riding.

James @ PVC