Monday, August 24, 2015

My Pashley Guvnor in 2015

It's time to make a few changes to my Guvnor. I need some new tyres and I'd like to get a new saddlebag as well. 

I was looking for a set of white or creme tyres to replace the original Schwalbe tyres, but after being super impressed with the look of black rubber on the Pashley Speed 5 I thought I'd get some black tyres.

Here's the overall look of the bike at the moment, it certainly has changed from its original configuration.

I was looking for a set of tan wall tyres with black tread and after much research found some for sale at a bike shop in Germany. Unfortunately high shipping costs prevented me from buying a pair. 

Instead I went for a pair of classic Raleigh Roadster 28 x 1 1/2 tyres, they are easy to source and present great value. These tyres have a slightly smaller profile than the OEM Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres and run on a slightly lower pressure...but they are very good and roll as smooth as silk. It certainly feels as though they have a lower rolling resistance than the Delta Cruiser tyres - they roll better and with far less effort.

I also like the more traditional tread pattern of the tyre and they look great on black Westwood rims.

Being a big Brooks fan I just couldn't go past a Brooks saddlebag. After much thought (and a bit of procrastination) I opted for the Brooks 'Isle of Wight' saddlebag. This is a lovely leather and canvas saddlebag that is made in Italy and is built to last! 

It is very sturdy and really suits the style of the bike. I went for the medium size bag, but it's also available in small and large sizes and there are other colour options too. They are readily available at many online stores and are well priced.  

I also decided to change out the pedals. Gone are the original MKS Sylvan rat trap pedals....and in are the more traditional Union block pedals. 

These pedals remind me of riding a bike as a child in the 1970's. When I was a kid block pedals were the only pedals available.

What takes me back is the memory of spinning a block pedal with your hand...when you did the pedal rotated for may turns as though it would never stop. These original Union pedals are exactly like that! One spin and it rotates forever (well nearly!) Pedals don't do this anymore, and for this reason it's a pleasure to have a set of blocks again.

Original vintage Union pedals are still available if you take some time to look. They are often overly priced but occasionally you can buy a set for a reasonable price.

It's time to have a look at the LiON bell that I got from LiON Bellworks a couple of years ago. Two years of use has given the bell a nice patina. It still rings well and can be heard for miles!

The Britannia rubber grips have bedded in nicely. They are comfortable and grippy, and are a perfect match for the Raleigh Roadster tyres. 

I hope you enjoyed the images.

Safe riding from James @ PVC.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

1970's Colnago Super

The glorious story of the Colnago Super series began in 1968 in Cambiago, Italy. Ernesto Colnago designed and manufactured a bicycle which became a legend of the cycling history and the top model of his 1970's line.

Made of Columbus SL steel tubes, with a shorter, stiffer and lighter frame, the Colnago Super was, and still is, a high-performing bicycle.

This Colnago Super is in original condition and is fully equipped with a Campagnolo Super Record groupset, the most iconic groupset of the 1970's. An unusual violet paintwork makes this Colnago Super even more charming. The perfect choice for all Colnago fans!

This one is a 54cm frame and is for sale at the moment at

They have more original and beautifully restored cycles on their website. Well worth a look...

Safe riding...

James @ PVC