Wednesday, January 20, 2016

CIOCC with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Gruppo

Here is a classic Italian built steel framed CIOCC bicycle from the early 1980's. The frame is graced with a complete Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Groupset number 13127.

The brand became famous at the 1977 World Championships in San Cristobal, Mexico, when Italian Claudi Corti rode a steel framed CIOCC bicycle to victory.  

This particular model is made with Oria Drall steel tubing which was reserved for only the best CIOCC bicycles. 

The Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Groupset was a numbered set of 15,000 sets that were made in 1983 to celebrate Campagnolo's 50th anniversary. Coincidentally 1983 was also the year that the founder of Campagnolo, Tullio Campagnolo, died at the age of 82 years.

Images courtesy of thebikeplace store on eBay.

This is a gorgeous bike worthy of any collection. Please forward any images of your steel CIOCC bicycle to at Perth Vintage Cycles for inclusion in this blog - let others appreciate your fine CIOCC steed!!

Safe riding,

James @ PVC.