Thursday, March 21, 2013

IRD Defiant crank set and fluted Shimano seat post Part 1

After recently scrutinising the standard Guv'nor crank set in my January 2013 post, I decided to hunt down a replacement crank set that was more suited to the style of the bike.

After a bit more research I discovered the fluted IRD Defiant crank set. These fluted cranks are also based on the Campagnolo and Sugino track cranks of the 1970's as were most of the cranks featured in the post. The Defiant crank set is also very pleasing on the eye, and beautifully crafted too.

Apart from damn good looks I found the Defiant cranks to be the most suitable choice because they come standard with a 46 tooth chain wheel for a 1/8 track chain. Most of the other alternatives only come with a 42 tooth chain wheel for a 3/32 thickness chain, and this is not really suited to the Guv'nor.

First of all I needed a 46T ring because the 42T that comes fitted as standard on the bike is too small as I have a Sturmey Archer 20T rear sprocket.....this combo just isn't right for me. The original 42T ring is also for a 3/32 chain, also unusual because the original chain is a 1/8 chain, and the rear 20T sprocket is also for a 1/8 chain, so although the original 42T 3/32 chainring just isn't quite right!  

After hunting on the internet I got my IRD cranks from Bikewagon (USA) at a good "Make an Offer" usual the range of prices on the internet are quite astonishing.

Here are the cranks....

.....and so there I was with my new fluted crank set and it dawned on me that the cranks would look even better if I had a fluted seat post to match. After many sleepless hours searching the net I was lucky enough to locate a New Old Stock Shimano Dura Ace model SP-7400 fluted seat post that was the correct diameter of 27.0mm - a lucky find as pictured below.


Shimano Dura Ace model SP-7400 seat post.

It is now only a matter of finding the time to fit the two components to the bike, and between my work life and my home life, time is one thing that I always seem to be short of!

Once fitted I'll post some images...until then, safe riding.