Sunday, July 16, 2017

Perth Retro Bicycle Show 2017 - The Event

Saturday 15 July 2017 will be remembered for two very memorable cycling events. 

One of those important memorable events of course was the Perth Retro Bicycle Show that was held at the North Perth Town Hall. What a great day for retro cycling enthusiasts! 

About 80 pre-2000 dated road bicycles, including a selection of vintage cycling memorabilia and clothing was on display for the general public to see. An enthusiastic crowd spilled through the doors of the historical circa 1930's suburban town hall and many were very impressed with the high quality of beautiful retro bicycles on display. 

All the usual suspects were present - Colnago, Wilier, Raleigh, Eddy Merckx, and De Rosa, just to name a few. 

Here are some images that capture the day....

There were four competition categories but the 'Best Bicycle on Display' as voted by the general public award was the most prestigious. The winner of the award was a magnificent 1990's Wilier Cromovelato that is owned by Greg, one of the show organisers. 

The below images of the Wilier does not convey the beauty of the bike which is amazing to see in the flesh. A fantastic example well worth the accolade.  

Congratulations to organisers John, Greg, and Cameron (Cyclecolor) for arranging the day that was greatly appreciated by all bike owners and those who attended the event. 

The second memorable cycling event of the day was the amazing efforts of Michael Matthews who won Stage 14 of the Tour De France bicycle race. What a great stage won by a true Australian cycling champion - well done Bling - the green jersey beckons!!

Stage 14 TDF victory for Michael Matthews.

Safe riding,

James @ PVC

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Zeus 2000

We all know that bicycles manufactured in Italy, France, England and Belgium are special, however it's easy to overlook the fact that the Spanish also have a serious love affair with bikes. 

The Spaniards are as passionate about cycling as the rest of us and their cycling history clearly shows this to be the case.

The 'Zeus' brand (pronounced Zoose i.e. Loose with a 'Z') was founded by Luis ARREGUI in Spain around 1926. This makes the brand about 10 years older than Campagnolo. 

Zeus was a complete bicycle manufacturer and was the only bicycle manufacturer in Europe to make its own bicycle frames and bicycle components, thus manufacturing complete bicycles.

Zeus made many attractive and exotic components, and in the eyes of some were often accused of copying Campagnolo - perhaps the Italians were a little jealous! Zeus ceased manufacturing bicycles in the early 1980's due to the highly competitive bicycle market.

The brand had many outstanding features, the most obvious feature was that because they made their own components many of the components were pantographed with the Zeus branding.

Here is a well maintained example of a rare Zeus 2000 series bicycle from the early 1980' was one of their final magnificent creations!! 

You'll notice The Zeus pantographing on the headset, brake calipers, derailleurs, fork crown, cranks, and even the crank bolts....if they made it, they had it pantographed!! 

And for your ongoing pleasure there's also a bit of 'drillium' on the chainrings, rear derailleur and brake levers.....

...and this fine example supports a brown suede Zeus racing saddle and is presented to you in the famous colour of Molteni orange!

Ride safe...

James @ PVC

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Perth Retro Bicycle Show 2017 - The Promo

Following on from the success of the Perth Retro Bicycle Show in April 2015, Perth Velocollective have announced a new and exciting show for 2017.

This years show will be held on Saturday 15 July 2017 at the North Perth Town Hall located at 26 View Street, North Perth. Exhibitors will be displaying their finest examples of pre-2000 steel framed bicycles.

The show will create a great atmosphere for current vintage cycling enthusiasts and introduce others to the world of vintage steel bicycles. Local supportive industries will be in attendance to provide advice for your next vintage build. A good dose of vintage cycling memorabilia and clothing will also be on display.

All of us had steel framed racing bicycles as kids, and for some of us the interest never left! 

The 2015 show was fantastic. There was a great variety of road and track bicycles, some of European heritage and others of Australian Heritage. From Swanseas to Colnagos to Holdsworths.....all bases were well represented.

Here are some images from 2015...

Many thanks to Tommy Barratt for the above pics from the 2015 show.

There are still some vacancies for retro bicycle owners to display their loved pre-2000 bikes. Click here Perth Retro Bicycle Show tickets for more info.

Amongst other proud sponsors the event will again be supported by CycleColor - a professional customised frame painting business run by Cameron Smith.

Customized Frame Painting.

Cameron Smith
Mob: 0411 248 372

Please don't disappoint yourself, set some time aside on Saturday 15 July 2017 to visit the show in North Perth.

Safe rides...

James @ PVC.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Gold Plated 1980's Colnago Master

Here is something special. 

'Vintage Luxury Bicycles' have lovingly restored this Colnago Master frame from the early 1980's. This example has been 24 karat gold plated and freshly painted in a striking blue and would be a lovely centre piece of any retro bicycle collection.

The photos below show the extent of the professional craftsmanship with pantographed Colnago Master logos, a Campagnolo group set, and Cinelli accessories.

The group set is from the Campagnolo 'C Record' first generation that was produced between 1983 and 1984. Some of the Campagnolo components have also been gold plated which accentuates other gold plating on the frame.

It's easy to appreciate the detailed work of this build, and in particular the gold plated Colnago cable end on the front derailleur cable on image 6.

The pantographing on the stem and Delta brake covers is exceptional....indeed a thing of beauty.

So when do you actually ride a bike like this? 

Thanks to 'Vintage Luxury Bicycles' for the images, please visit their website to view other equally astounding vintage builds.

Ride safe.

James @ PVC