Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1936 Malvern Star Opperman Special

During the 1930's and beyond, Birmingham Small Arms in the United Kingdom (BSA) supplied Malvern Star in Australia with quality bicycle parts. This association was reflected in Malvern Star's bicycle catalogues of the period. 

The 1937 Malvern Star catalogue.

A popular racing/touring bicycle of it's era,  the Malvern Star Opperman Special featuring BSA parts was produced in large numbers during the mid 1930's. The bicycle also featured a magnificent three speed 'Cyclo' rear derailleur system. Gears were changed by adjusting a lever that sat forward on the top tube of the frame. 

The model was named after Sir Hubert Opperman who was a famous Australian cyclist during the 1920's and 1930's. BSA also produced a similar model for consumption in the United Kingdom.

Sir Hubert Opperman astride his Malvern Star Oppy Special

Here are some catalogue images of the Oppy Special below:

The BSA Opperman edition.

During a recent Tweed Ride in Fremantle I spied a beautifully restored 1930's Malvern Star (BSA) Opperman Special. Enjoy these next images:

Beautiful polished chrome lugwork.

The owner told me that he firstly chromed the frame before sourcing the parts for the build....and what a beautiful build it is!! Although a few of the sourced parts are not originals, the build certainly captures the grandness of the period.

....and here is the lucky owner astride his beloved maching during the Tweed Ride.

 Until next riding.


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  1. Good afternoon,
    i know this article was posted some time ago, however I have just inherited my father's pushbike, which I believe is a Malvern Star Opperman Special, but a little different to one pictured.

    the bike is in original condition (but has been kept in a watertight garage). from what I can see it has the original handlebars, BSA pedals, BSA running gear, BSA wing nuts on the original wheels and although faded the paintwork is in excellent original condition, including the picture of oppy on the frame.

    i am looking for someone who can provide me with more information and advice regarding the bike. I am located in the ACT. Happy to receive any suggestions.