Sunday, September 25, 2016

De Rosa 35th Anniversary Special

In 1953 Ugo De Rosa established De Rosa Cycles in Milan, Italy. In 1988 to help celebrate 35 years of bicycle manufacturing De Rosa released a Signature Edition 35th Anniversary frame - the Model 35 Anniversario. 

This edition became highly collectable as only about 350 frames were produced worldwide with only 55 frames making it to the US. The bike was made from Columbus SLX tubing and came in a 'pearl white' colour with a chrome rear chain stay and had a unique 'red rose' decal on the head tube. 

The bike originally came as a complete bike with Campagnolo C-Record cranks that had Ugo's signature engraved on them.

This particular example is fitted with a Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset. This groupset was made in 1983 which was also the year that the founder of Campagnolo, Tullio Campagnolo, passed away. 

It appears as though the owner of this bike swapped out the original C-Record set with the 50th anniversary Campagnolo set - a fitting tribute for such a fine frame.

Here are some more images for you to enjoy....

This is a magnificent example of the impact that De Rosa has had on the cycling industry for many years. The 35 Anniversario model pictured here is still stunning to look at even though it is now some 28 years old. 

De Rosa still make beautiful steel frames today. Their chrome lugged 'Nuovo Classico' model is made each year and is built to accomodate new 11 speed groupsets. With the rise in popularity of steel framed bicycles De Rosa have also introduced the 'Age' series of fillet brazed steel frames that are also very attractive and versatile.

Safe riding...

James @ PVC.


  1. I have one of these. I rode the hell out of it, so it doesn't look all that pristine, but it was never crashed or otherwise damaged, and it rides like a dream.

    1. We ordered ana bought one at the LA bike show for one of our very good customers. He took it out the day he picked it up road it down the gravel road to his house (about 1.5 miles). Returned the next day telling us the index shifting was garbage and wanted his old friction shifters put on. Haha. His comment when we asked him about riding on the gravel road in the rain was, "bikes are made to be ridden" I was just sick it was covered in grim. He road it somewhere between 15-20K miles a year. Yep that is right. Commute to work about 20 or so miles one way. 4 days a week year round. What a bike though so beautiful.