Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cycling tattoos

Some people are obsessed with bicycles, and some people are obsessed with tattoos....and when the two worlds collide some choose to display their obsession for all to see.

I don't have any tattoos, but I'm almost tempted to indulge after seeing these images of cycling tattoos.

For some strange and seductive reason the Italian "Campagnolo" brand (pronounced Cam-pan-yolo) attracts much attention. Campy enthusiasts love to display their commitment to the brand by permanently marking themselves with the famous label.

For whatever reason the famous Japanese "Shimano" brand just doesn't attract the same amount of attention for those willing to tattoo themselves. I suppose some cyclists don't want their passion mistaken for the passions of a fisherman! 

So whilst we're all loving the Campy brand lets have a look at these images of Campagnolo products that show us why some people love the brand so much...

Campagnolo C-Record Sheriff-Star hubs.

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary gold plated groupset.

Campagnolo Delta styled brake set.

Polished modern Campagnolo Record hubs.

....need I say more!

The polished silver Campy Record hubs for Campagnolo 11 speed courtesy of Jonathan Bell from www.noble-wheels.com

Please ride safe.

James @ PVC


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