Monday, October 6, 2014

My Ciocc San Cristobal 2014 (Part 1)

I've been looking for a 'new' classic steel frame to build up recently. It was time for a change....out with the old and in with the new!

I was after an Italian built steel lugged frame that had a classic racing geometry. I was looking for features such as a chromed 1 inch threaded fork, a chromed chain stay, and chromed lugs. I was also after some branding that was stamped into the steel frame somewhere. 

I considered the usual suspects such as the De Rosa Nuovo Classico, the Cinelli Supercorsa, and the Bianchi Tipo Corsa. They were all very nice frames that are relatively easy to source.

With the popularity of steel frames growing there were many choices.....unfortunately though, not many were Italian made. Even De Rosa are making steel frames in Taiwan now so it was interesting to determine which steel classics were still manufactured in Italy.

After a lot of internet research (as most of us enjoy doing) I discovered a not so well known brand named CIOCC (pronounced CHEE-OH-CHand became particularly interested in the San Cristobal model - see CIOCC post from March 2014.

After a few emails I discovered that I could place an order for a new Italian built San Cristobal frame with a CIOCC distributor in Melbourne - his name was Mike. 

I'm very happy to say that Mike did a great job. He communicated well and whilst doing so offered a wide range of frame colours and decal types. The San Cristobal was also available with either a 1 inch threaded or 1 inch non-threaded steerer.

You can find Mike at or click on the CIOCC logo to the right.

I placed an order for a frame and about 8 weeks later it arrived on my doorstep.

Here is the bike I ordered...

Beautifully chromed chain and seat stays.

The CIOCC logo on the top rear of the seat tube is interesting. CIOCC have been placing a decal in this unusual position for a long time. I've been told that it's placed in this position so that a competitor can see what type of bike has just passed him!

Chromed head tube lugs.

Campy Record threaded headset.

The frame is stunning and the photos really don't do it justice. The details and finish are perfect. 

It arrived in a solid cardboard box and it was packed with great care. It didn't come with the headset at all so I bought a Campagnolo Record 1 inch threaded headset that does the job well. When fitting the headset I also added a Campy spacer from an old 'Super Record' headset from the 80's.

CIOCC stamped on the top of the seat stay.

I particularly like the Italian flag logo (pictured above) that sits towards the rear of the top tube. This feature is also available on the GIOS Compact Pro which I also considered as an option. 

CIOCC stamped on both sides of the bottom bracket.

A chromed 1 inch fork with CIOCC stamped into the crown.

The classic CIOCC head tube logo.

So the dilemma now is to source parts for the build. Cinelli still offer a classic quilled stem, and with a bit of effort I should be able to get hold of a NOS fluted Campagnolo seat post. 

I have certainly decided that the groupset should be from Campagnolo, that was an easy decision! But do I go classic Athena silver 11 speed, or carbon Chorus 11 speed? So many options!!

Until next riding.

James @ PVC.  

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  1. Incredible bike. I have just done a partial restoration of a "Designer '84" CIOCC from the early 80s with Campy Record 6-speed with downtube (friction) shifters. Beautiful bike and rides wonderfully. The previous owner used it on a trainer and never wiped it down. His perspiration severely rusted the paint and cable guides on the top tube. I had a local craftsman fabricate and weld new cable guides then I painted only the top tube to match the candy apple red of the rest of the frame that was in remarkably good shape. I did not have the appetite for a full restoration and repainting, but the color match came out surprisingly close and, while my bike is stunning, it is no match for yours. I'm also envious that you have 130 rear spacing allowing for a modern groupset. I had no idea you could buy these frames new. Thanks for the post!