Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Western Australian Historical Cycle Club

These guys are full of historical cycling information and meet at 7.00pm on the third (3rd) Monday of each month at 6 Hickey Street, Ardross. Members are always happy to assist you with any vintage bicycle restoration questions and issues you may have.

Member Peter Wells edits and publishes the newsletter 'Not the... Spoke'n Word' each month which covers interesting aspects of vintage cycling in Western Australia. The magazine is always informative and gives the reader access to vintages bikes and parts that are offered for sale by club members. I love getting the magazine every month...you never know what the guys are offering for sale!


Subs are $25.00 per annum, which entitles members to attend meetings, receive the monthly newsletter in the mail, allows access to the vintage bicycle magazine and book library, and invites you to participate in monthly club rides and activities. At each meeting one of the members throws him or herself on the sword and delivers a presentation on differing aspects of cycling history. Topics presented range from wheel building, to bottom bracket types, to Malvern Star history....and everything in between.

Members from the club arrange vintage bicycle displays around the state at various times of the year. The club is in need of active members so interested people are always welcome.

For me, attending the meetings is like being thrown into the past.....where I imagine life was less complex, and riding a bike on the weekends was so easy and enjoyable.

So if you live in the Perth area and would like to become a member, attend the meeting place at the above time each month and become a part of the group. Alternatively phone the current Club President, Merv Thompson, on (08) 9450 2579 for further details.


  1. Hi James,

    Thanks for the above info.

    Im very new to building / restoring bikes.

    I was in contact with Merv and will be at next Mondays meeting.

    Looking forward to chatting with you and the others.


  2. Hi Merv, James, Peter.

    I was after Peter Wells email/phone as I have an old SWANSEA Bike (think Track) that I was hoping to know more about. I'm not a restorer so was thinking of putting it on E-bay so someone can give it the TLC it deserves. My email is info@pickawoowoo.com
    Many thanks

  3. The club now has it's own website which includes the Swansea register and current meeting times; WAHCC
    thanks :-)

  4. Dear Webmaster, thank you for this magnificent new website - now our club can take off Scotty, I need warp speed in three minutes or we're all dead!
    Lets go boldly where no hysterical cycle club has been!

  5. Have you people seen my fb page?

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  8. Hi James, most of the info in this post is out of date. Most importantly as of tonight we'll be meeting at Floreat Athena Football Club, located at the old Lake Monger Velodrome site. Thanks Rob

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